Jacob Samardin

My name is Jacob Samardin and I am 16 years old and just started my junior year at Holmdel High School. I would have been playing football this season but sitting out with a knee injury. (GO HORNETS!)

My dream is to go to Law School and become a Public Interest Lawyer.

I care deeply about the environment and the welfare of the animals on Potter's Farm.

I have been raised to believe that it is every person's duty to take action and stand up for the issues they believe in – and that's what I'm doing. I hope this website raises awareness to the issue surrounding historic Potter's Farm.

My goal is to preserve Potter's Farm as a working farm or to have it preserved as a park or sanctuary for the animals and birds or as Open Space. 

Also, did you know that there's a certain number of trees and bushes required for the Potter’s Farm property? 591 trees are required and the private real estate developers coming in want permission to have only 229 trees. I worry that less trees means less birds and less clean air.

I am a lifelong resident of New Jersey and care about preserving the Garden State and keeping it green. I think that the Garden State should be maintained and that we should all be concerned about keeping New Jersey clean and green.

There were many lessons to learn from the global health crisis, spurred by Covid-19.

One of the most important lessons we learned from Covid was the importance of parks and Open Space for people to be able to spread out and enjoy nature as a therapeutic outlet.

It is my hope to inspire others to take action to preserve Potter's Farm before it's too late!

Please sign my petition and encourage your friends and family to sign as well. 

Think globally, act locally.

Preserve Potter's Farm

Potter’s Farm sits like a crown jewel on the head of Holmdel Township. Considered the gateway to Holmdel for those entering from the Garden State Parkway, this land gives character to Holmdel and helps make/keep Holmdel a historic and agriculturally-based community that is unique and special.

However, if we don't take action quickly, the farm – and its legacy as a working farm since well before 1841 – will be forever lost.

Many elected officials have pointed out that Potter never afforded Holmdel Township an opportunity to purchase Potter’s Farm.

While there are other options to preserve Potter's Farm, our intended and preferred methods are to encourage preservation through the various grants available through the state Green Acres Program (https://www.nj.gov/dep/greenacres/) or through the Monmouth County's Farmland Preservation Program (https://www.co.monmouth.nj.us/page.aspx?ID=2982).

Monmouth County could also assist with funding of any such park through its enhanced resources through the Monmouth County Parks Commission. In fact, they have expressed interest in doing so in the past.

Why weren't these options presented or given an opportunity to be considered? We must take action! Let's speak up and let our elected officials know we care and we want and expect them to take action to preserve Potter’s Farm for Open Space.

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1,497 signatures = 86% of goal

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Important Upcoming Meetings to Attend

November 3rd, 2021 at 7:00 pm - Holmdel Zoning Board Hearing

The Holmdel Zoning Board is meeting at the Municipal Building to consider the application from The Enclave at Holmdel, Inc. regarding Potter's Farm. It's important to attend and make your voice heard.

Click this link for the Notice of Zoning Board Hearing.

November 9th, 2021 at 7:30 pm - Holmdel Township Committee Meeting

The public portion of monthly Township Committee Meetings begins at 7:30 p.m. inside the municipal court room. Be sure to join the Governing Body at its next meeting by visiting the schedule.

Get Your Preserve Potter's Farm Sticker

Preserve Potter's Farm Sticker
You can get your own Preserve Potter's Farm stickers from Jacob at one of the meetings.
The William Potter Homestead. The old house was taken apart and the strong wooden frame was moved to Pennsylvania.
The barns in the background of this aerial view of Potter & Sons Garden Equipment and Lawn Supplies have been replaced with a large modern building. The top of the old homestead can be seen through the canopy of trees.

Photos and captions taken from Ceres, Gerald V. (1996). Images of America: Holmdel and Pleasant Valley. Arcadia Publishing

History of Potter's Farm

Potter’s Farm sits like a crown jewel on the head of Holmdel Township and is the gateway to Holmdel for those entering from the Garden State Parkway.

Although Potter’s Farm remains zoned for single-family use (allowable density of one-single family home per one acre of land), Potter’s Farm has been operating as a working farm since well before 1841!  This land and its modern day use as a working farm gives character to Holmdel and helps make/keep Holmdel a historic and agriculturally based community that is unique and special.

In fact, according to the Holmdel Historic Society, the William Potter Homestead was built by Mathias Conover in 1841 and William Potter acquired the land in 1920 and 1925!  Potter’s Farm predates Holmdel itself because it was not until 1857 that Holmdel officially began as a separate township.

Final Thoughts

Special thanks to Jessica from Card My Yard Middletown.

Special thanks to Jessica from Card My Yard Middletown.

With all of this said, my goal isn't to challenge the need for the proposed $27 million dollar facility for dementia/memory-care. I just strongly believe a different location would be better and more appropriate.

The entity that currently owns Potter's Farm is Enclave at Holmdel Inc. UMC Enclave is a Not-for -profit corporation and therefore is tax exempt. I worry that people do not know this and will mistakenly believe that this dementia facility will generate tax revenue for Holmdel. This is simply not true and people need to be aware of this fact.

There are already several dementia care facilities in or around Holmdel but there is only one Potter's Farm. (Click here to see the list of memory care facilities.)

My goal is simply to raise awareness about the plans that will result in the shut-down of historic Potter’s Farm forever and to preserve the landscape, animals and the unique charm that Potter’s Farm provides to our community.

If you care about this issue, ask your elected officials about why more is not being done to preserve Potter's Farm. Also, ask those seeking your vote in the next Holmdel Township Committee election.

Thank you for visiting my website and don't forget to share this petition with others.

When sharing on social media, please use the following hashtags: #PreservePottersFarm #SavePottersFarm